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The fun way to teach the sign for WHERE

You can create lots of fun with the sign for WHERE as you cultivate conversations at home with your littles. Like with all of our signs, the concept of WHERE can become more concrete and understandable to your baby when you make it make sense. And you know I like to keep things light-hearted when I teach signs. One way I do that using the sign for WHERE is playing Peek-a-boo!

WHERE'S… mommy? Peek-a-boo! WHERE'S… daddy? Peek-a boo! WHERE'S… baby? Peek-a-boo Often I add the tune to Frère Jacques: 🎵 WHERE'S mommy, WHERE”S mommy, Peek-a-boo! Peek-a-boo! I see Mommy, I see Mommy Peek-a-boo, peek-a-boo.🎵 Another way to put our sign for WHERE into play is to hide things under a baby blanket. At first I would hold up and show my daughter the object -usually a toy or ball that she's engaged with- and say WHERE'S the ball going?…(pop it under blanket in front of her)…"WHERE'S the ball? Hmmm, WHERE'S the ball… There it is, there's the ball! (as I lift the blanket).

Then I'd let her hold the ball and interact with it again. And we'd repeat, repeat, repeat and add new objects each day. Sometimes I'd put myself under that little blanket as I'd say, “WHERE'S mommy?” Oh wait, are we being silly and giggling now? Mommy doesn't fit under this baby blanket! (Yup, learning with giggles is always on the roster at my house.) Babies who are able to grab and reach might catch on quickly, and will follow where the toy has gone.

Then I could switch things up and ask them to hide the toy, and ask me WHERE. All you need is a blanket, an object, and your imagination to make this little game work for all ages to start showing the concept of WHERE with signs. The possibilities are endless as babies grow older, too.

How can you show the sign for WHERE?


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