Summer Getaway for mommy

It’s July! Summer is here, and I am throwing down a challenge to myself –come join me! I have a very good mommy friend who inspires me every time I see her and hear accounts of her family life and spend time in her lovely home. Recently, she and I embarked on a wee journey together that inspired both of us to look at our current lives and think about reinventing our futures with an immediate timeline: SUMMER! We had very loosely planned an overnight trip away from home, and this quick but meaningful departure from our everyday "mom" lives ended up truly invigorating us. We had left our respective homes with only our bikes and a backpack and big, gummy grins on our faces! Neither of us had

Why I teach baby sign language classes

To me, so much of the beauty of early communication with your baby is about ending the constant guessing games and being able to act on what you know -because they can tell you! As humans we all just want to be understood. And how beautiful is an exchange between you and your (non-verbal) baby where you know exactly what they want and can act on that expressed need? That’s what made me passionate about sign language. That’s why I started teaching classes to new families. Many people ask me why I started teaching baby sign language. I always answer that it came from a personal passion for sign language, which is absolutely true. But, honestly? It was also kind of a fluke. I had worked with

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