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What are Signing Babies classes like?

Signing Babies classes are dynamic and fun, with songs and playtime throughout the learning time. Parents sit with their babies in circle time with other families while Lee Ann presents new signs and songs each week. There are clean toys for the babies during class, and worksheets for the parents to take home after class.

Why should I teach my baby to sign?

Because it's fun, it's easy, and it works! Babies can follow gestures, understand and use signs well before they can speak. Research shows hearing babies who learn signs have bigger vocabularies than those who don't, and are happier communicators.  Also, you will have the chance to get out and meet other families in your neighbourhood (and you will learn actual American Sign Language, a lifelong skill, not a modified "baby" sign language).

Will signing inhibit their verbal speech?

By always teaching signs while saying the words out loud, babies get to learn them both orally and visually, which augments the natural process of acquiring speech. Research also indicates that babies who have learned sign language have larger oral vocabularies once in kindergarten, not the other way around. 

When should I start learning and teaching signs to my baby?

Research shows that some babies start showing recognition of sign language around 4-6 months, but it’s never too early to start signing at home. Remembering to add signs to your everyday banter is the trickiest part, so the earlier you start the easier it gets and the more your baby will see you signing (it’s the repetition that babies recognize and follow). Also, it's never too late to start doing signs with your baby or toddler. Signing reinforces learning verbal speech and the comprehension of words.

When will my baby sign back to me?

Generally, babies are developmentally ready to sign back from around 8-12 months old, depending on what age signing was begun. But much before that, babies can recognize your signs and respond back to you. Imagine that! Older babies closer to the age of 1 year and older can learn signs within days or weeks.

What if my baby usually sleeps during class time?

Only you need to be awake! Babies can sleep during the class, and often do. Lee Ann will teach you the signs and songs each week and you practice at home at your own pace with the accompanying worksheets.

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Feel free to email me anytime if you have questions about teaching your little one to sign. I've been teaching sign language for 15 years and

I'm happy to help!

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