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My Story

It all started with a crying baby.

I am a local Vancouver, B.C. mom who put my background as a preschool teacher, recreation centre class programmer, and parent of two together with my personal love of sign language. After teaching my first child American Sign Language, I realized the incredible potential of being able to communicate easily with my young daughter before she could talk at all. She was a fussy, colicky baby, and I was a tired, frustrated mom who desperately wanted to know how to help

her feel better.

Finding a way to communicate became my first objective, and signing worked. She responded to my daily signing at 7 months old, and we never looked back. By 15 months she could sign 40 words. A strong desire to share this tool with others saw the creation of Signing Babies, an easy-to-follow program involving beginner ASL signs while singing, rhyming, and playing together. I teach baby sign language classes for families because I feel passionately about how well sign language works, and how much successful communication affects the happiness of both little ones and their caregivers. Everyone wants to be understood.


This is my love story, and I'm passionate about sharing it.

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