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Meet me for playful, affordable Facebook live classes covering how to sign together at home. It's not tricky, but there is a secret to getting your baby to understand and respond to your signs before they resort to crying, screaming or tantrums. 

I'll show you how easy it is to teach

sign language to your little one.

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How It Works

Just like a regular in-person class series, once registered, you'll join a private class group on Facebook where Lee Ann will present songs and signs with the particular theme for that class.


We'll sing, sign and play together for 30-40 minutes, from my house to yours! You will be able to watch during the specific class time or at your convenience anytime later.


You can type in questions within the class directly to Lee Ann, and watch everything again later to practice as many times as you like.


  You will:

  • get access to watch all classes 

  • ask questions about signs after each class

  • be able to watch it again and again later, all from the comfort of your living room!

  • bonus review materials to practice our signs & songs

Everyday Basics / Daily Routines / Mealtime / Animals & Pets / Helpful / Family

Join me for 6 classes you can watch on Facebook anytime. Just like attending one of my in-person classes held around town, you will learn with me while I teach video lessons designed to get you signing right away together at home. We cover 6-10 signs each class and slowly build our signing strategies with playful songs to help keep the learning easy.

$68 for 6 classes + 6 Spotify playlists & bonus material videos

Current session: Wednesdays 1:00pm PST Jan 22-Feb. 26, 2020

 Beginner 6-Part Course 
 Level 2  6-Part Course 

Getting Dressed / Sharing & Playing / Toddler Foods / Bathtime / Feelings and more.

We'll continue with inspiring tips and brand new signs & songs to keep you boosting communication levels at home with 6 new signing topics. 


$62 for 6 video classes on Facebook + 6 Spotify playlists & bonus material videos

Current Session:  Pre-recorded video lessons are ready to go! Join now and follow along at your own pace (I've prepped everything you need, don't worry!)

Bedtime Signs 1-hour Workshop

Sleep / Bed / Bath / Soap / Pillow / Blanket / Goodnight, and more

It's a signing pajama party! Watch with your little one while we cover signs & songs to add more communication and ease around your nighttime routines before bed. 



Next session: Join this 1-hour class now to follow along at your own pace.

We cover all the basics of teaching American Sign Language to your non-verbal little one. With 12 starter signs, we'll focus on how to incorporate signing easily into your daily conversations and playtime, and how to avoid the pitfalls most parents fall into when using signs at home. 

$22 for 1 hour class

Next session: tba

Beginner 1-hour Workshop


*Please note: access to a Facebook account is required to view these online classes.

Your baby has so much to tell you!

"I learned a lot today through this one session, thanks so much Lee! I will definitely be referring to this video for all the songs to sing to my daughter. Thank you again."

-Kazuko & baby Olivia, FB Beginner 1-hour course

“Lee Ann is a great teacher! I think my favourite part of Lee Ann's classes is the format. She teaches us new signs, and then we sing songs incorporating the new signs we have learned. Anytime I need a means to distract my daughter, I am able to use many of the songs and signs from the class and I can immediately get her attention.  My daughter is now almost 10 months old and I have recently noticed that she responds to my signs and has even started signing some words herself. What a great feeling for a parent to realize that there is a simple way to communicate with such a young child!”

-Deanna & baby Shaelyn, 6-week course

"I would highly recommend Lee Ann's classes. I really enjoyed learning a new skill while having fun with my baby. We sang rhymes and songs, which is a really nice way to learn and remember the signs while having fun interactions with our little one. My little one is only 6 months but I can tell he is already reacting to some of the signs I'm using. Also, my older son who is nearly 7 started using signs as well to communicate with his brother which is a great bonus and will help him communicate and bond with his little brother before he can actually talk. A big thanks to Lee Ann for a great course!"

-Karine & baby Marco


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