Farmers Market Pasta Salad

Who's got a whack of summer zucchini, tomatoes, or corn to use up? I don't actually have the greenest of thumbs, but after strolling the Trout Lake farmers market this weekend as a family, we headed into the kitchen to make a meal together with all the produce and herbs we'd bought from the market. My kids are old enough to handle knives and peelers, and that's all that's needed here. There's a few things to chop and peel, but it's worth it! I received a lot of questions about the recipe after posting it as an Instagram story (which disappears), so I'm adding it here because it's now a keeper in our house (my kids both loved it, and let me assure you, that's never easy. Like almost never eve

Weighing In: Summer Bucket List

Okay, I have to admit it, it's September. Already the air is a bit chillier, the leaves are not quite the vibrant green they were a few weeks ago, and I had to put a sweater on last night. Whether it looks like summer is cooling down where you are, fall has arrived, and my family is getting ready to head back to school. So it’s time to look at the summer bucket list we made back in June and take stock. Firstly, creating and using a family bucket list has been truly changing. It’s added some good, helpful structure to our days while avoiding over-planning, something I have been known to be guilty of in past summers. For instance, I could add up the days on one hand that we stayed local and di

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