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Home Sweet Home

There's a lot of coming and going with little ones! HOME can become a sign that relieves your baby of stress (*ahem* screaming bloody murder) when they're not happy about being stuck in the car seat or stroller.

"We're HOME, yay!"

It's also a perfect companion sign if you've been working on our "FINISHED/ALL DONE sign: "We're ALL DONE here, time to go HOME, let's go!" at the playground or at a play date.

*TIP: Remember, you're building layers of communication here, so first create an understanding of what HOME is by saying & signing HOME regularly to show when you're at HOME, then once your baby shows recognition of that, sign HOME whenever you want to indicate where you're heading next.

To sign HOME in American Sign Language, with your thumb connected to your fingertips, tap beside your mouth and then slide that hand back up your cheek to tap near your ear.

How to remember this sign: Home is the place where you eat and sleep. Tapping next your your mouth refers to eating, and tapping near your ear refers to sleeping (think of pillow hands showing the sign for SLEEP).

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