Sing & Sign Classes

For families of all levels of signing to keep singing, signing, and learning signs together. 

Let's learn through songs!


My Sing & Sign classes have a tempo to keep everyone singing and learning as I lead songs with signs that are perfect for all ages to follow at home together. We meet live on Zoom to sing & sign together.

Formal lessons to learn specific signs do not happen in these sessions like in my Beginner & Advanced learning courses.


Here we keep singing playful songs to practice our signs, create familiarity, and have fun with the signs!


No signing experience is needed, these classes are great for any level of signing. Each class will look at a handful of signs as I lead the songs.

We'll meet on Zoom once a week to sing, sign and practice playful signs together.


These classes are especially fun for the whole family: babies, toddlers, preschoolers and adults.

All ages in your household are welcome. 

Sing & Sign
Virtual Classes
all ages
4 classes / $35

Morning Sing & Sign

Thursdays July 8-29

9:00-9:30am Pacific

$35 / 4 classes

Afternoon Sing & Sign

Thursdays July 8-29

1:30-2:00pm Pacific

$35 / 4 classes

Registration for all summer classes begins on June 12th @ 9am PST
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in-person classes

Save when you join a 4-week  session of Sing & Sign classes ($35) 


a 4-week Beginner Baby Signing Course ($50)


Save when you join a 4-week session of Sing & Sign classes ($35) 


a 4-week Level 2A Baby Signing Course ($45)


"I know our course isn't over yet but me and Leah look forward to classes each week. We sign daily now and sing songs all day long! I'm so glad I signed up for your virtual course!"

-mama Melanie

You'll never regret becoming a signing family.


Email me anytime.

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I don't want you to feel stuck

and I'm happy to help. 

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