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All Virtual  Classes

For families with babies of all ages, brand new to signing or feeling stuck trying to sign together at home without direction or strategy.

No need to worry if your baby's naps are unpredictable or you can't make live classes -you can self-pace to watch these courses

at the best time for your family.

Start today:
101 Course Banner (1).png

This mini-course shows you exactly how to begin signing together with easy-to-follow videos: 

  • four 15-minute bite-sized video lessons

  • how to create engagement

  • how to start and keep signing systematically 

  • 6 functional signs 

  • 6 playful signs

  • + a bonus lesson: the biggest success secret to avoid the most common signing mistake parents often make that leads directly to signing burnout 

We cover about 12 perfect starter signs with songs, with a printable song lyrics sheet to keep you remembering to sing, sign and practice together.

Beginner Course Banner (2).png

My Beginner course launches your family into signing and continues on with more relevant vocabulary for everyday activities. We start with all the tools, strategies and signs from the mini course above, and steadily keep building our vocabulary with over 50 more signs. 

  • six 30-minute classes

  • six printable song sheets to sing along at home

  • over 50 signs for Daily Routines, Mealtime, Animals & Pets, Manners, Family Members and more.


These Beginner courses are designed to unlock all the mysteries around creating effective pre-verbal communication for your family's signing success. 


You'll never regret becoming a signing family.

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