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Instagram Classes


Baby Signing 101



 My Baby Signing 101 course on Instagram is a three-part series that is all recorded and ready to watch in a private IG account. Signs for daily life with a baby are introduced:


  • starter signs

  • daily activities & objects

  • outside signs


We cover 16 perfect starter signs with accompanying songs, and includes a printable song lyrics sheet to keep you remembering to sing, sign and practice together.


This mini-course has everything you need to start signing easily and effectively as a family.

Let's sing and SIGN!

Let me bring the best part about my Signing Babies classes to you (the songs!) with weekly playful sing and sign sessions that you can watch anytime, over and over again, inside our private account on Instagram.

Sing Sign.PNG

We'll sing songs to practice using different ASL signs in each session, building our vocabulary for daily conversations and activities with our babies and toddlers.

 Families with all levels of signing can follow

and learn easily in these sessions. 

How it works:

These weekly sessions happen live inside our private Instagram account on Mondays during November and December, and then they're posted to our group so you can access them whenever you like!


You can register anytime to have unlimited access

to all 5 sessions until January 30th.

Each weekly session is about 30 minutes long, and you can follow along in real time live inside our private account, or watch later at your best timing.


You'll have access to our current 5 sessions until Jan. 30, 2021.

5 Sing & Sign


$40 / 5 sessions

All ages

Five 30 minute sessions covering signs and songs for:

  • Counting 1-5

  • Action Words

  • Weather

  • Animals

  • Opposites

Classes were recorded live,

with unlimited access now for registered families until

April 30th, 2021.


for Sing & Sign

classes on


Please note: 

The next session of Sing & Sign classes start in May 2021 with brand new signing themes and songs!

Once registered, you'll be sent the link to join

our private Instagram account where our sessions take place.


Email me anytime

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