Level 2 Classes

For families already familiar with basic signs from our Beginner Course or on their own, whose babies may or may not be signing back yet.

Ready to learn more exciting American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary and stay inspired to keep signing?

You're in the right place!


Let's continue learning helpful sign language with your pre-verbal or verbal baby to help downsize fussing and tantrums, and increase bonding and language acquisition. This 6-part course looks at signs pertinent to daily life with an older baby/toddler in 6 video classes. 

In my Level 2A course we cover signs and songs for more daily vocabulary:



Getting Dressed



Health & Hygiene


In my Level 2B course we dive into ANIMAL signs that little ones of all ages love to talk about: 

Wild Animals

Safari Animals

Forest Animals

Sea Creatures

Mythical beasts

and more!

Level 2 Baby Sign Language Virtual Courses
6 classes / $65

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a Level 2 course

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You'll also receive resources each week with signing tips, a printable of our song lyrics, and a visual review to make it easy for both you and your little ones to learn effortlessly from home.

These classes are designed to systematically build our vocabulary for daily conversations and activities with our babies and toddlers.

"I know our course isn't over yet but me and Leah look forward to classes each week. We sign daily now and sing songs all day long! I'm so glad I signed up for your virtual course!"

-mama Melanie

You'll never regret becoming a signing family.


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I don't want you to feel stuck

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