Facebook Classes

My Facebook classes happen once a week inside a private FB group in real time, or can be viewed later at your best timing, on any smart device (phone, tablet, laptop, computer, tv). You'll only see me leading our signing lessons and songs within our private group, but you can ask questions about signing within the group anytime.

Beginner Baby Signing 6-week virtual course

6 Pre-recorded video lessons you can watch now

$65 / 6 sessions

Register Here  -Join anytime & watch lessons at your own pace

6 Live classes (also posted for watching later)

Thursdays 12:00-12:45pm Pacific Time

April 22-May 27

$75 / 6 sessions

Register here 

Level 2A 6-week virtual course

Thursdays 10:30-11:15am Pacific Time

April 22-May 27 

$60 / 6 sessions

Signs covered: Feelings, Getting Dressed, Bath time, Bedtime, Potty Signs, Health & Hygiene

Not available

Level 2B 6-week virtual course -ANIMALS!

Pre-recorded video lessons you can watch now

$50 / 6 sessions

Signs covered: Wild Animals, Safari Animals, Forest Animals, Ocean Creatures, Mythical Beasts and more

Register Here -Join anytime & watch lessons at your own pace

Once registered, you'll be emailed the link to join

our private group on Facebook where our classes take place.

"Lee Ann is such a lovely person and teacher, and we learned a TON and had fun. A year later my toddler is signing more than ever, and I'm convinced being able to communicate from such a young age has played a big role in how good of a talker (and how NOT a tantrum-thrower) she is now." -mama Ella






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