Beginner Classes

For families with babies of all ages brand new to signing, or feeling stuck trying to sign together at home.

Ready to start learning to sign together right now?

 My Baby Signing 101 mini-course is a quick-start solution for families ready to start signing right away. These recorded video lessons are less than an hour, broken up into 4 bite-sized segments: 

  • how to create engagement

  • how to start and keep signing systematically 

  • functional signs 

  • playful signs + a bonus lesson on how to avoid parents' most common mistake when teaching signs to their little ones. 

We cover about 12 perfect starter signs with songs, with a printable song lyrics sheet to keep you remembering to sing, sign and practice together.

Baby Signing 101
Virtual Mini-Course
1 hour / $50

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Beginner Baby Sign Language Virtual Course
4 classes / $50

My Summer Beginner Baby Sign Language course launches your family into signing with all the best starter signs, and continues on with more relevant vocabulary for everyday activities with four 

30-35-minute once-a-week sessions. 

These classes are taught live in real time for you to join on Zoom with other families, or you can access our recorded live classes anytime later inside our private Facebook group. 


We'll cover the ASL signs for:

        Everyday Basics      Mealtime 

        Daily Routines      Animals & Pets


You'll also receive resources each week with signing tips, a printable of our song lyrics, and a review to make it easy for both you and your little ones to learn effortlessly from home.

These signature playful sing and sign classes are virtual -you watch and learn from home, then practice together with our easy-going systematic approach to signing.

Each of our 4 classes is filled with singing and playing with signs to  build our vocabulary for daily conversations and activities with our babies and toddlers.

It's not tricky, but there is a secret to getting your baby to understand and respond to your signs before they resort to crying, screaming or tantrums. This course teaches you exactly how to avoid those


Beginner Baby Signing
4-week Virtual Course

Tuesdays June 29-July 20


$50 / 4 classes

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for both the

Beginner course ($50)


a Sing & Sign 4-week session ($35)

for two classes a week!


Beginner Course 

Tue. Jun 29-Jul 21 @1:30pm Pacific


Morning Sing & Sign

Thu. Jul 8-Jul 21 @ 9am Pacific

$75 / 8 classes

Beginner Course 

Tue. Jun 29-Jul 21 @1:30pm Pacific


Afternoon Sing & Sign

Thu. Jul 8-Jul 21 @ 1:30pm Pacific


$75 / 8 classes

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in-person classes
Registration for all summer classes
begins on June 12th @ 9am PST

"This beginner class is honestly the most fun and interactive moments of our day and we are having a great time practising our songs and signs. My husband is quickly picking up the signs too!"

-mama Lauren

These Beginner courses are designed to unlock all the mysteries around creating effective pre-verbal communication for your family's signing success. 

You'll never regret becoming a signing family.


Email me anytime.