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My (not-so-spooky) Halloween
Sing & Sign mini-course
is ready for you!

"How & When to Introduce Signs to Your Baby"

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Learn 12 perfect starter signs with songs that you can implement today. With ease, confidence
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Learn with me on Instagram or Facebook with access forever. 

Fall 2021 Virtual &

In-person Classes


Wish you knew how to get started and build a longterm signing practice as a family?

My complete Beginner Baby Sign Language course on Facebook will take you through the best signs for daily life with a baby combined with playful songs to keep the learning fun.

6 classes / $75


Already signing together, but need some new songs to practice together?

My Home Time Sign & Sign course for already-signing families will give you five 15 minute sessions of playful songs and new vocabulary on Facebook.

5 classes / $25

Sing, Sign & Play together
in 30-minute classes guaranteed to get you signing in no time!
Baby Sign Language
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