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How and When to Introduce Signs to Your Baby
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Sign together with my

brand new Baby Signing book -it's got everything new parents

and caregivers need

for signing success!

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“...this may be the strongest baby sign language board book I’ve ever encountered."
Betsy Bird of the 
School Library Journal

Signing Babies

with Baby Sign Expert Lee Ann Steyns

is an easy-to-follow program of baby sign language classes for you and your baby to learn simple American Sign Language together for better communication at home.

Learn exactly how to start signing  effectively and with confidence,

so you can stop trying to guess what your baby wants.

Choose in-person or virtual classes that will increase communication and help you downsize the frustrations that arise with pre- and non-verbal babies of all ages.

And you'll have fun together!






New to signing?

Start with my complete BEGINNER BABY SIGN LANGUAGE course for you and your baby to learn over 50 basic signs.



Jump right into my virtual BABY SIGNING 101 course & begin signing

at home with 12 perfect starter signs in under an hour.


Meet me for in-person classes in Vancouver, B.C., at Kitsilano Community Centre.

Join me for classes virtually, either live on Zoom, or pre-recorded in a private learning hub to watch at your own pace.

Already signing?
or feeling stuck signing the same signs?

Learn the best beyond-the-basics vocabulary inside my light-hearted SING & SIGN CLASSES perfect for all ages and levels.

*These classes follow perfectly after our Beginner course, but no pre-requisite is necessary if families already feel confident with basic signing.


PSST! You can take my virtual Beginner course right now to learn our basic baby signs and be prepped and ready for joining our Sing & Sign classes.



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