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I'm so proud of my friends Amanda & Liz who created this product! 

Did you see those incredible PeapodMats in our Signing Babies classes? 


They're soft, plush mats that have 3 layers: a soft terry cloth on top, a super-absorbant layer in the middle, and a tacky, slip-proof, * waterproof * layer on the bottom.


They're designed for night time bed-wetting, but I love them for keeping things dry and clean with babies & kids of all ages at home and on the go.

Hello naked time!

How I use my mat:

  • on the change table

  • after bath

  • naked time on the floor, sofa & bed

  • sleepovers at grandma & grandpa's house

  • hotel beds

  • stroller, high chair, playpen

And I always have a mat in my trunk for impromptu puddle jumping, beach combing, picnics and covering up over the car seat when it's chilly or wet.


PeapodMats come in 2 sizes:

3x3 Square  (class size)     

3x5 Rectangle 


Sand                           Granite 

In the Navy                Fuzzy Peach

Greenlight (3x5 only)        


Signing Babies special prices:

3x3 square        $40 (retail $53.65)

3x5 rectangle    $60  (retail $73.77)


To order:
You can order online through PeapodMats to have it shipped to you, or send me an email to order mats at my special Signing Babies price above if you were/are currently in one of my Vancouver signing classes. I will bring your order to our class location (no shipping costs).
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