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Meet the Signing Babies team



We're so excited to teach you and your little ones!

Lee Ann
Creator & Instructor

Lee Ann has worked with children all her life, spending every summer during high school and university leading summer daycamps & training other leaders while studying Education, then teaching preschool classes & designing special events for young people before creating Signing Babies classes as a new mom. Lee Ann's background in teaching and designing recreational programs for children, combined with the experiences of motherhood, allowed her to bring her playful, passionate style to teaching baby sign language classes since 2003.




Kat loves signing with her 12 month old son and is excited to help you sign with your babies too! With a passion for helping others to learn, Kat will bring a fun and playful style to Signing Babies classes. When not teaching Kat can be found chasing her toddler around the park or toddler gym!




Rebecca grew up in Vernon, B.C., and as a young child, her family used basic signing as her younger brother had language difficulties. It may be where she initially developed such an interest in signing. Rebecca loves to travel and attended the University of Saskatchewan while living with her amazing grandparents. She met her husband there and they then embarked on adventures living in Ontario and travelling parts of the world. Vancouver has now been home for the past four years and is where they welcomed their son in 2014. Professionally, Rebecca is an art therapist and loves working mostly with children and seniors. Rebecca continues to be amazed at how signing with her toddler has improved communication and connection while greatly reducing frustration on both sides. Her son is now an enthusiastic signer! She is so excited to help other families create greater bonds and communication through signing! Rebecca will be teaching classes in East Vancouver.

Yumiko was born in Kitsilano and raised in Steveston, BC. She is a freelance animator and a work-at-home mom. In her early adulthood, she was smitten by the beauty of sign language and clocked in 150 hours of ASL classes before changing paths to go to animation school. After becoming a mother, she finally got to use her ASL skills by signing with her son at 6 months and saw his first sign at 13 months. She also uses sign for her son as a bridge between Japanese and English. She feels there is something really delightful about being able to sign to your child across the playground without speaking any words. Yumiko enjoys autobiographical comics, flamenco and eating turkey stuffing. She spends her days trying to outsmart her toddler, while scheming ways to sleep in, and chipping away at her backlog of creative endeavours.


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