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Kinedu is an educational app that allows you to track your baby's development, and join live classes and courses with different early childhood experts. 

I teach live virtual baby sign language classes each week, and lead Intro to Baby Signing courses for families just starting out, both live and recorded, inside the app. 

You can join Kinedu for a free trial here


Tuesdays: Sign & Sing class @ 10:30am PST

Wednesdays: Sign & Sing class @8am PST

Weekly Baby Sign Classes

Scroll down to see our weekly sign topics.


I've recorded a quick on-demand video course with Kinedu that you can watch in under an hour to see both the best signs AND strategies to begin signing at home with success as a family.  

Baby Signing 101 Course:

  • What is baby sign language?

  • Foundations for Signing Success 

  • How to Start Signing Together: A Simple, Systematic Approach 

  • 6 Best Starter Signs

  • How to Teach Signs to Baby

  • Songs to Start Signing Together Today

  • FAQ’s about Signing to answer your questions

It's all laid out for you in short videos you can start watching right away

or later, with or without baby.

I've made everything nice and easy to follow.

Register now for $40

and get started today.

New to signing and not sure how to start?

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