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Black Friday Steals!


*all discounts are valid until midnight Thursday, Nov. 30th

This unique workshop will help parents solve the struggles of bedtime with their babies with sleep expert Desiree Russell of and baby sign language expert instructor Lee Ann Steyns.

  •  the 5 fundamentals of sleep for creating a peaceful bedtime routine using attachment-centered, responsive strategies.

  •  exactly how to incorporate helpful sign language for naps and bedtime so baby knows what's happening and feels more calm and ready to sleep.

  • personalized Q&A time at the end of this workshop.

  • printable resources to take the guesswork out of your new sleep strategies

  • Spots are limited, don't miss out.

$125  $90
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$25  $20

A quick-start solution for families ready to start signing right away. These recorded video lessons are less than an hour total, broken up into 4 bite-sized segments: 


  • the best starter signs for your family

  • how to create engagement so your baby learns with you

  • how to start and keep signing systematically 

  • functional signs 

  • playful signs

  • printable lyric sheet of the songs we sing to practice signing together

   + a bonus lesson on how to completely avoid parents' most common mistake when teaching signs to their little ones. 

$75  $60

A 6-part course to launch your family into signing with all the best starter signs, and continues on with more relevant vocabulary for everyday activities with six

30-minute sing and sign classes:

  • everyday basic signs

  • daily routine signs

  • mealtime signs

  • animals and pets signs

  • helpful words

  • family members

Sing & Sign Black Friday logo.png
$60  $45

My Sing & Sign classes have a tempo to keep everyone singing and learning as I lead songs with signs that are perfect for all ages to follow at home together:

  • six 30-minute classes

  • LAP TIME & ACTION SONGS: spider, star, tickle, stop, jump, moon, climb

  • NATURE: sky, rain, cloud, leaf, tree

  • FOODS: cracker, cheese, cookie, watermelon, grapes

  • ANIMALS: eagle, hippo, snake, squirrel, whale

  • ACTION WORDS: wake up, brush teeth, sit, eat, jump, clap, walk

  • COUNTING 1-10 in ASL

Don't miss these once-a-year discounts on my virtual classes!

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