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Baby Sign Language FREE 3-day Challenge

Ready to start signing
with your baby?


Join Lee Ann Steyns, expert Baby Sign Language instructor, on Sept. 6, 7, 8, 2023 to learn exactly how to teach your little one to use basic signs that will help end the crying.


You've heard that babies can learn sign language and tell you what they want, and you're excited to downsize the frustration and crying...

...yet you're stuck on how to actually start signing.


(how many signs do I teach my baby and which ones?).

Here's what I know:

Babies desperately want to express themselves but can only use the tools they have, so they cry, flail, and fuss when they need something.


And they will keep crying each time

because it works. 



But it doesn't have to be that way...


Once babies learn another way to express their needs, crying becomes unnecessary, and successful communication can grow and grow. 

Baby Sign Language is EASY, fun, and a parenting game changer.


You can start signing with your baby no matter their age, stage or ability level, and you'll never regret creating successful long-term communication now.

Once my babies learned some basic everyday signs, they could tell me when they were hungry, sleepy, or wet. It was like having a telescope into their brain and I didn't have to guess what they wanted or why they were crying. 

 With signs, crying became something that happened only when my babies were in pain or distress, and I could easily identify and respond. It was fantastic!

Grab your spot in the FREE 3-Day SIGN EVERYDAY CHALLENGE, and get ready to start signing with your little one. 

We'll be learning:

  • how to start signing with the right mindset

  • which signs your family can begin with right away

  • why sign language works for babies of any age

  • how to keep signing with success


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